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General questions
Why Choose Alwadi Holding?
We are a one stop holistic solution for Debt Management, Legal Debt Collection, Cross Border Centre, Business Advisory and Risk Management, Corporate Translation services.
We provide corporate holistic solutions in 150 + countries globally in line with international standards.
Debt Collection
If my debt is 5+ years due would you be able to help me?
Yes, we will definitely assist you with the debt collection services depending upon the case documents available.
Is there any upfront cost to engage with AW HOLDING?
No, we work on a ‘No Collection No Fees’ basis.
The debtor has already closed the company, can I still send my claims for collections?
Yes, indeed we can assist you with this claim by deploying our Skip Tracing solution.
What is your success percentage?
The Success rate will depend on the initial due diligence done by our Operations team based on the case documents provided.
Do you provide collection services outside UAE? (link to CBC)?
Yes, we provide Debt Management Services in 150 + countries globally and with proven success stories.
Will this be an end of business with my client? Do you harass/force the debtors to pay?
We maintain professional standards and find amicable solutions for securing receivables.
Do you also collect from individuals?
Yes, we do B2C collections depending upon documents provided from clients.
What is the minimum time frame for legal debt collection?
Depending upon the case strength and the legal recommendation from our legal team the general time frame ranges between 6 to 8 months.
How do I know the progress on my cases?
We have a dedicated portfolio manager for assigned to each client who would co-ordinate on the progress.
Legal Debt Collection Procedures – For Legal Team
Do you have inhouse lawyers? Would you assist on an International LDC case?
Yes, we do have inhouse lawyers as well as subsidiary law firms with international presence.
Translation Services
Do you work with native speakers?
Yes, we work with Native speakers across 150+ countries.
Do you offer certified translations?
We have a sworn legal translators certified by the Ministry of Justice.
Can I provide feedback on my translation?
Yes, we are open to suggestions and feedbacks to better our services.
Do I need to submit original documents to you?
Yes, we require original documents for Legal Translations.
Do you accept same day translation work or urgent translation request?
Yes, depending on the volume.
Do you offer proofreading services?
Yes, we offer Proof-Reading services based on international standards.
Do you accept translation work for both Individual and Commercial?
We do translation for individual, commercial clients.
Is there a minimum order or size of the translation work?
No, there is no minimum order size.
How many words are considered as a page?
250 words per page
Can you translate my website?
Yes, we are specialized in Localization, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Medical and Technical translations.
How many translators are there in your company?
We have 20+ translators.