AW HOLDING INT’L is committed to supporting corporates in achieving their goals no matter what or where they are. With AW Marketplace, corporates enjoy end-to-end support and holistic solutions across the entire AW HOLDING INT'L portfolio. Here’s a brief look at the entities that seamlessly collaborate to bring corporates innovative solutions across numerous regions.

Inspired by the UAE’s 2070 Vision, AW UAE is our regional headquarters that is purpose-built to offer corporates world-class solutions, in-depth industry expertise and business consultancy that delivers exceptional results in a variety of sectors.
With the Saudi Government’s ambitious 50-year vision, AW KSA saw an opportunity to support corporates in navigating the intricate business and cultural landscape of KSA by offering best-in-class solutions, local knowledge and holistic solutions.
As the Sultanate continues to make strides towards its Oman Vision 2040 goals, AW OMAN stands ready to bring corporates a full suite of tailored services that offer end-to-end support.
Being one of the region’s largest markets, Egypt is both a fruitful opportunity and a multifaceted challenge – which is why AW EGYPT was designed to offer corporates holistic, professional and cutting-edge solutions to cater to every business goal.
The international control center of AW HOLDING INT’L. Beyond its vital role of offering cross border solutions to globally-driven corporates, AW CBC brings clients a comprehensive suite of solutions that supports them end-to-end across 150+ countries.