Redefining Corporate Excellence

As the world gets more interconnected and globalized, so do the world’s economies and corporate environments. This interconnectedness can create numerous challenges when it comes to cross border and international business transactions.

Be it the fact that laws and regulations change from one country to the next or the fact that defaulters are employing more complex tactics, it is clear that corporates need a partner that can deliver results, employ innovative and fair strategies and offer end-to-end support anywhere in the world. 

Seeing the need for such an international corporate solution, AW CBC was established as AW HOLDING INTERNATIONAL’S strongest arm – a control center that offers 12 years of in-depth experience, coverage that spans over 150 countries, professional associations that include access to over to specialized consultants, and a suite of holistic corporate solutions that is tailored to every requirement and designed to achieve every corporate’s global vision and goals. AW CBC also offers individuals a dedicated team and a host of solutions aimed at supporting them every step of the way, everywhere around the world.

As an industry leader, AW CBC is proud to be associated with the industry’s most notable organizations and networks, including FENCA, IACC, LIC, ICE and many others. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified and in compliance with all other relevant international and local standards.

AW CBC boasts a clientele that spans Government and Semi-Government entities along with the largest and leading national and international companies in several industries which include but are not limited to:

International Trade & Credit 
Real Estate & Development
Power & technology
Healthcare & medtech
Tourism & Hospitality
Heavy Industry
AW CBC’s team of 8 top-tier specialists and consultants brings 12 years of international expertise, global best practice and a breakthrough holistic approach that seamlessly integrates AW Debt Management, AW Legal Debt Management, AW Credit Risk Advisory, AW Business Advisory & Risk Management and AW Professional Translation Services into the AW CBC solutions offering. Our AW Marketplace also allows corporates to enjoy end-to-end localized solutions and international branch support with ease and convenience.

In case amicable debt settlement collections are not viable, we offer seamless global strategic solutions that enforce the corporate’s rights through AW CBC Legal Debt Settlement.

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Comprehensive credit risk solutions are an important part of corporates' success. With AW CBC Credit Risk Advisory, we go a step further by supporting corporates in mitigating risks and identifying root causes.

This approach saves corporates time, money and the need for other corporate solutions

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As the business environment around the world continues to expand, it pays to have a partner like AW CBC Business Advisory & Risk Management that helps corporates stay focused on their core business while keeping an eye on the bigger picture, identifying risks and devising time- and cost-effective strategies that safeguard the operation for the long-term.

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Be it fostering new B2Bpartnerships and transactions or connecting accurately with B2C audiences, corporates and individuals need to carefully navigate the world’s diverse cultural landscape. Hence, it is crucial to have a partner like AW CBC Professional Translation Services to be able to use language as a tool that facilitates transactions, connections and communication.

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All of these holistic corporate solutions are also offered by AW Holding INT’L in the international market through AW Cross Border Center, featuring a network that covers over 150 countries.

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